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Basic Course

The Noteful learning platform is available as a free smartphone app for Android and  iOS as well as for desktop users.  Whether you are a complete beginner or you've already had some experience with note reading and theory, we've got you covered.  You'll have the option to take the assessment quiz and drop into the course at your own level.  Below you can explore the skills you'll enhance with the FRESH Theory approach

Experience a FRESH take on Theory.

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The Noteful app is not designed to replace your music teacher.  There are many aspects of musicianship that cannot be adequately addressed by a smartphone app:  proper technique on your instrument, phrasing, shaping, expressiveness, tone production, to name a few.  However, speedier sight reading skills, as well as a knowledge of theory, will help you to pursue those loftier goals more quickly and fully and with more ease. ​ 

This course was thoughtfully designed by a performing artist/piano teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience: from small children, to college students and adult learners, and with levels ranging from total beginner to students preparing to audition for graduate school in piano performance.  

The first version of the Noteful app is piano-based due to the ease with which intervals, note recognition, and theory concepts can be visualized on the instrument.  Later we will branch out to incorporate a wider range of instruments.

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"Hang onto your music teacher!"

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