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A FREE and fun way to learn to read music.

 The free Noteful app provides you with a few minutes of daily practice in note reading, ear training, and music theory so you can understand all those dots on the page and have a better ear for the music you listen to and play.  Our FRESH Theory approach divides topics into short, easy-to-understand lessons--a lot like playing a game--so you can make progress while having fun.  The app is free to download and requires no subscription.  

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Noteful in the News


June 2023. Our CEO Becky Billock shared her entreprenuerial journey with Shoutout DFW.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

At Noteful we have a mission to make music literacy learning fun and engaging.  Our aim is to bring quality music education and the magic of music to everyone!  We believe that through our free app we can help individuals acquire the fundamental building blocks of music, thus providing new opportunities for a wide array of people interested in music.

Note reading and ear training are skills that enhance the musical experience and are absolutely essential in many settings where musicians collaborate.  Often these skills are taught with workbooks or theory pages that can get lost, eaten by the dog, or taken hostag
e by aliens.  But fear not, the Noteful is downloadable for free on your  Android or  iOS  phone or tablet so that you can practice while on the bus, waiting for a meeting, or sitting on a bench in the park.    Or you can use a computer, too.  

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The app is supported through advertising, as well as completely optional subscriptions. Subscribers enjoy unlimited hearts, as well as an ad-free experience, not to mention the awesome feeling of supporting the mission of free music education, and sharing the magic of music.


Meet The Team

In addition to Ed, our trusty mascot, here's the other folks behind the scenes at Noteful.

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Jack Kurutz, member of IonSound chamber ensemble and Bell'Art Ensemble, music educator, recording artist

"This is SUPER! The layout is colorful and fun, not too crowded and the activities are greatly varied. This covers so many concepts all in one place, it’s a comprehensive theory workout plus ear training. Would really save lesson time and allow students to progress faster on all these skills, not to mention being able to set goals and keep track of progress! And the achievements are so important for kids (and adults), it’s like Duolingo for music!"
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